Wednesday , 18 October 2017


Fond du Lac City Council is wrestling with how to deal with the ongoing issue of lead in pipes that bring water into city homes. An ordinance may be in the works that would mandate replacement of private service lines to homes if they contain lead. City council members will make a final decision at their Feb. 8 meeting. Approximately 4,500 residences built prior to 1950 in Fond du Lac are still equipped with lead-contaminated pipes that run from the water main in the street to the residence. Lead is a public health hazard — a poison to ingest. The toxic metal also contaminates public drinking water by leeching into the city’s water system, said public works director Jordan Skiff. The city’s past practice has been to replace public service lines that contain lead while working on street projects or fixing water main breaks. But new guidelines issued in December by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources indicate the disturbance of the line, when the private line is not also replaced, could elevate lead levels for years to come, Skiff said.

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