Tuesday , 17 January 2017


Delegates of the governors of the eight Great Lakes states on Tuesday unanimously approved the City of Waukesha’s request for a Lake Michigan water supply. On a historic 8-0 vote, Waukesha won the water prize it sought for 13 years. More than a dozen city officials attended the meeting of the states at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Absent any legal challenges, the city will become the first U.S. community located entirely outside the Great Lakes drainage basin to receive a diversion of lake water under the Great Lakes Compact. State delegates focused their discussion Tuesday on a few last-minute amendments to a 12-page draft decision document. The document summarizes views of regional officials on the merits of Waukesha’s plan and the conditions needed for it to comply with a 2008 federal law known as the Great Lakes Compact. http://www.jsonline.com/news/waukesha/decision-day-arrives-for-waukeshas-lake-michigan-water-request-b99747111z1-383762921.html


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