Saturday , 25 February 2017

Implementation of 2013 Wisconsin Act 274 Provisions Impacting the Tax Roll Process for Collecting Delinquent Tenant Utility Bills

Wisconsin Rural Water Association, Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin, Municipal Environmental Group – Water Division, and the League of Wisconsin Municipalities are pleased to provide essential guidance on the provisions of 2013 Wisconsin Act 274 (Act 274) that affect the tax roll process for collecting delinquent tenant utility bills.

Please click on the links below to get all information on Act 274.

Act 274 Tax Roll Guidance

Inter-Office Notice of Payment of Delinquent Charges

Flow Chart – Utility Billing Tax Lien Process For Rental Properties

Landlord-Tenant Agreement – La Crosse Utilities

Sample Notices to Comply with Act 274 Tax Roll Provisions


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