Wednesday , 18 October 2017


People in rural parts of Wisconsin can’t wait any longer for faster internet access, more health care providers and better jobs, a group of Republican lawmakers said Tuesday. Members of the Rural Wisconsin Initiative held a news conference to present their plans for improving life in rural Wisconsin and retaining young people who are choosing big cities over small towns. “It’s high time that our rural areas and our small towns had our attention,” said freshman Rep. Ron Tusler, of Harrison. Residents of these areas “are waiting without rioting, without yelling in somebody’s ear. They’re waiting patiently for us to focus on the issues that they have.” The group proposed a bill that would allocate $15.5 million in broadband grants to underserved rural areas. Almost a quarter of Wisconsinites live in rural areas, and around 40 percent don’t have broadband, or high-speed internet access, at home. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Romaine Quinn and Sen. Howard Marklein, directs the Public Service Commission to prioritize areas not already benefiting from federal grants.

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