Saturday , 25 February 2017


A manure runoff in a northeast Wisconsin killed fish in a nearby creek after employees of Shiloh Dairies spread thousands of gallons of manure on a hay field, then heavy rains washed much of it into the creek. It’s impossible to tell how much manure got into the Plum Creek, which runs into the Fox River in northern Calumet County, but anytime there’s a fish kill, it’s a serious incident, said Ben Uvaas, a state Department of Natural Resources agricultural specialist. “Most of the fish species that are dead, you’re looking at suckers, minnows, shiners, those kind of species,” Uvaas said. “We estimate that the fish kill in the most heavily impacted stretch of this creek is going to be a pretty high percentage of the creek.” Both Calumet and neighboring Kewaunee counties have high concentrations of concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs. Some families in the area can’t drink the water from their wells.


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