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March 23, 2016 E-News

GREEN BAY PLANS NEW TESTS FOR LEAD IN DRINKING WATER – Green Bay will test only 7 percent of the city’s known lead water supply lines this year when determining whether its drinking water meets federal health standards. The city’s water utility is in the process of collecting samples from 100 homes out of the 1,742 known to get water from lead pipes. That’s the minimum amount of testing required by federal law to determine the effectiveness of the utility’s efforts over the past two years to minimize lead levels in drinking water. If no more than 10 of those homes being tested have unsafe levels of lead, the city’s water will be in compliance with health standards and the utility could be off the hook for any more remediation.

CARUS CHEMICAL ANNOUNCES WEBINAR ON LEAD AND COPPER CONTROL WITH PHOSPHATES– This webinar will cover the current U.S. EPA lead and copper rule regulation and the use of phosphates to help meet this regulation. Choice of phosphate products as well as dosage required for a distribution system will be discussed. Phosphate feed systems and safety considerations will be covered in detail based on the type of phosphate chosen for a system. Case studies showing the successful application of phosphates for lead and copper control and other water quality complaints will be presented. This webinar is being held on Mon, May 9, 2016 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT, to register, go to

ASHLAND CITY OFFICIALS WANT TO HALT STATE’S HOG FARM REVIEW – The city of Ashland is asking the state to put the brakes on its permitting process for a large hog farm planned near Lake Superior, but state officials say their hands are tied. The Ashland Common Council passed a resolution last month requesting the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and surrounding local governments halt the permitting process. Iowa-based Reicks View Farms wants to build a farm for 26,000 hogs in the town of Eileen. Ashland officials want time to develop a plan to protect its drinking water because the city’s water intake is downstream from the proposed project. However, state law prevents the agency from holding off on its review, according to Nancy Larson, acting deputy director for the agency’s Watershed Management Bureau.

SPILL FORCES STATE TO REPLACE HUNDREDS OF DEAD TROUT WITH 600 SMALLER YEARLINGS – The state plans to restock a popular fishing stream with 600 yearling brown trout after a field survey indicated that at least three-quarters of the stream’s adult game fish were killed in February by dairy manure that spilled for hours from an unattended pump. The Department of Natural Resources is investigating Misty Morning Dairy near Fennimore, which reported the 2-mile-long spill early on Feb. 18 after discovering that a hose had come loose from a portable pump sometime during the night. The DNR plans to release several hundred 8-inch to 9-inch long yearlings into Castle Rock Creek before trout fishing season opens in May, agency fisheries team supervisor David Rowe said Tuesday.

BAD PACKAGING MEANS $3B IN DRUGS WILL BE WASTED THIS YEAR – Patients, insurance companies and the federal government are on track to spend about $3 billion this year on cancer drugs that will be thrown away, according to a report on pharmaceutical company profits in BMJ – formerly known as the British Medical Journal – that was released Tuesday. At the same time, drug makers, hospitals and doctors are profiting from the way these drugs are packaged, researchers found. Dr. Leonard Saltz shows off a drug. “So this is a box that contained a vial of Keytruda at 100 mg,” he said. “About the size of a small salt shaker. So this would cost approximately $5,000, a little bit over.” But Merck packages this valuable drug in only one size in the U.S.: 100 mg. The typical patient needs 150 mg, which means half of the second vial is thrown away. Saltz – one of the study’s authors – said at this rate Merck is in line to be paid more than $1 billion dollars over the next five years for leftover drugs that aren’t used. Using Keytruda as an example, Bach says while Merck makes the 100 milligram doses here, the company sells 50 milligram does in European countries.

FEMA SEVERE WEATHER SAFETY RESOURCES AVAILABLE ONLINE – The Ready Campaign and America’s PrepareAthon are offering a social media toolkit for Severe Weather Preparedness.  Communities and emergency managers can use this online resource to reach residents, partners, and stakeholders with messages about how to stay safe during hazardous weather such as severe thunderstorms and flooding.  The messages are easy to insert into a post or tweet so anyone who uses Facebook and Twitter are able to share valuable preparedness information with family, friends, and coworkers during emergencies and disasters. To access the toolkit go to-

INDIA HAS THE MOST PEOPLE WITHOUT CLEAN WATER, REPORT SAYS – India has the world’s highest number of people without access to clean water — imposing a major financial burden for some of the country’s poorest people, according to a report released Tuesday. The international charity Water Aid says 75.8 million Indians — or 5 percent of the country’s 1.25 billion population — are forced to either buy water at high rates or use supplies that are contaminated with sewage or chemicals. That accounts for more than a tenth of the 650 million people worldwide without clean water access — more than any single country in Africa or China, where 63 million have no access.

WRWA ANNUAL TECHNICAL CONFERENCE – Still time to register for the WRWA 28th Annual Technical Conference held March 29 – April 1 in Green Bay. Over 1,100 attendees already registered, 210 exhibit booths, LeRoy Butler at the opening session, Comedy Sportz entertainment, Sportsman’s Raffle prize drawings, poster & water taste contests, and over 40-hours of training sessions throughout the week. New for 2016, download the WRWA Conference App for complete conference information. Simply search the Google Play and Apple App store for “WRWA” or go to For information, go to

E-NEWS NOTEDue to WRWA staff being in Green Bay next week hosting the WRWA Conference, there will be no issue of the E-News.

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