Saturday , 25 February 2017


Doug and Sherryl Jones built their retirement dream home in 2000 on 11 acres outside Spring Green, just feet from Norten’s Slough, a tributary of the Wisconsin River. The former Prairie du Sac couple’s screened-in back porch overlooks the tree-lined slough where lily pads grow on the clear water. Eight years later, thick algae blooms have taken over and replaced the lily pads during the summer. “The water was pristine,” Doug said. “I’d go swimming in it. It progressively got worse and worse. Three years ago the whole slough was completely covered and looked like a golf course.” The Jonses live in what some experts have referred to as “nitrate alley” because the pollutant is being detected on a regular basis in the sloughs and well water of river valley area property owners.


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