Saturday , 25 February 2017


You fill a glass with tap water.  When you do, consider that there is a silent partner involved in making that happen—it is the energy component required to bring that water to your faucet. Changes in urban and rural development are having a substantial effect on Wisconsin’s water resources, increasing the energy inputs into water processing.  There are substantial steps that can be taken to improve efficiency of our systems, and there are ways to help pay for these expenditures through loan programs and creative rate design. This program is geared to the general public and city managers and CFOs and anyone interested in water and energy issues. It is being held in Madison on Thursday June 25, 2015 and costs $50 to attend in person and includes breaks, lunch and materials.  There are a limited number of need scholarships, and webcasting is also available at no charge.  For details see our website at:

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