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Utility Plant Manager – Water

Village of Marathon City

Immediate Supervisor: Village Administrator

Position in Brief:  This position is defined as “Operator in Charge” of the water utility. This designation is premised on the prerequisites set forth in 114.13 Wisconsin Administrative Code. Involves the performance of a wide variety of tasks working in cooperation with other Village employees to provide a safe water supply for water utility customers. The delivery of safe and clean water is vital to the safety and health of the community. Failure to provide adequate services will jeopardize the health of the community. Failure to meet federal, state and municipal legislation and water quality standards will significantly jeopardize the health and well-being of residents and may result in liability for the municipality.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Job-related Experience Required:  Basic knowledge of water utility and wastewater collection system processes. Basic knowledge and ability to construct and repair all elements of water supply and distribution system including wells, pumps, mains, hydrants, and services. Must possess an understanding of laboratory technique to perform field sampling and analysis of the water supply. Must understand the use and handling of chemicals used to treat water and the importance of maintaining appropriate levels of chemicals in the water system. Maintain required records and Materials Safety Data Sheets for all applicable products purchased by the Village. Basic knowledge and ability to construct and repair all elements of wastewater collection system including services, mains and lift stations. Ability to safely operate street maintenance equipment including end loader, backhoe, dump trucks, wing plow, snow plow, street sweeper, road grader, small utility tractor, lawn mower, weed whacker, etc. Must maintain basic knowledge of state and local ordinance affecting public works and inspection activities thereof. Keep abreast of current developments by attending seminars, meetings, and review appropriate technical journals. Complies with directives from the Administrator in the performance of duties and job responsibilities.

Special Qualifications Required or Desired:  Possess and maintain Waterworks Operator Licensing in accordance with NR 108.06(2) Wis. Adm. Code. Subclasses that are required include Subclass G – Groundwater Source, Subclass D – Distribution System and Subclass I – Oxidation and Filtration Treatment.

Essential Functions: (Including by not limited to)

  1. Maintain the water treatment system in order to ensure the availability of a clean community water supply
  • Inspect the wells treatment plant systems on a daily basis to ensure effective operations
  • Maintain the treatment plant systems
  • Maintain and operate the filtering and chemical treatment processes
  • Perform necessary laboratory work and testing of Village water supply
  • Inspect, service and repair components of the water treatment plant including water intakes, pipes, water storage vessels, chemical treatment equipment controls, circulation pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, hydrants, and water main valves
  • Install, repair, and replace water mains, water hydrants, water main valves and water services as needed.
  • Install, repair, and replace water meters.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of water for human consumption and fire-fighting activities
  • Prepare work orders for servicing and repairs
  • Arrange for major repairs
  • Inspect residences for cross connection hazards.
  1. Maintain the physical plant and mobile equipment
  • Conduct regular inspections of the physical plant
  • Establish a preventative maintenance program
  • Conduct inspections of mechanical, generators, electrical and other building components and systems
  • Conduct inspections of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Maintain mobile equipment including vehicles
  • Make arrangements for major repairs to the physical plant and mobile equipment
  1. Maintain the general administration of the Water/Sewer collection system in order to ensure effective operations
  • Perform quarterly water meter reading and work with Administrative Office staff on billing and reporting
  • Establish preventative maintenance schedules
  • Administer water and sewer distribution contracts
  • Keep a daily log
  • Track data using the applicable tools
  • Prepare activity and work order reports
  • Recommend the purchase of goods and equipment
  • Maintain inventories
  • Provide reports to government agencies, departments and other organizations as required
  • Ensure records are maintained
  • Supervise and schedule the activities of the casual staff

Additional Functions: Cooperates with other staff in the preparation and development of budget for the Village. Attend to work related to the essential functions of Utility. Has working knowledge of waste water operations to augment staff when needed or assigned. Cooperate with other members of Village crew in the maintenance of all Village properties and equipment. Deal with residents and the public in a courteous and respectful manner and document and communicate complaints concerning municipal services. Work with other members of Village crew. Applicant should possess or ability to obtain a Class “B” Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Performs other duties as required or requested by Village Administrator or Deputy Clerk.

Physical Requirements in Performing Tasks Listed: The performance of routine tasks requires a capacity to intermittently sit, stand, walk, bend and lift moderately heavy (25-30 pound) objects. Performance of tasks associated with responding to demands for the maintenance of equipment and the handling of material for street repair, park repair, water distribution system repair and wastewater plant and collection system repair. Performance of tasks related to any activity cited herein requires a capacity to lift heavy objects (50-100 pounds) unassisted and larger objects (more than 100 pounds) with assistance. A moderate to high degree of physical strength or manual dexterity is necessary to handle operations and safety equipment under emergency conditions. Must be able to perform the functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

Working Conditions Under Which Tasks are Performed: The performance of some tasks expose an individual to machinery and its moving parts, to chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials. It requires use of protective devices such as facemasks, hard hats, safety glasses and gloves. Work is generally performed outdoors in conditions that can be extremely cold or warm. Work is often performed in inclement weather and under conditions that may contribute to emotional as well as physical stress. Must be able to perform the functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

Equipment Used in Performing Tasks: Trucks equipped to transport construction material and remove snow, end loaders, street sweeper, wood chipper, road grader, snow blower, skid steer, small utility tractor, lawnmower, weed whacker, pickup trucks, generators, sewer cleaning equipment, hand tools, saws, power tools, and two-way radios. Computers, typewriters, and telephone and fax machines may be used in performing some administrative tasks.

Other Positions an Employee in this Position May Routinely Supervise:
Part Time Summer Help

Wage/Salary Range Established by Annual Salary Resolution

Interested in this position or want more information? Please contact:
Andy Kurtz, Administrator
Village of Marathon City
715-443-2221 Ext 101

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