Sunday , 19 November 2017

WRWA’s 2nd Year Raffle Puppy Passes Away

It is with great sadness that I share that our Buddy, 2nd year WRWA pup, has been laid to rest.  Bud, 12 ½ years old, was diagnosed with kidney failure a year ago.  He had been living a healthy life this past year on a special diet.  Less than a week ago he was diagnosed with two tick diseases, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis.  It is believed the ehrlichiosis had further damaged his kidneys.   Bud lived an awesome dog-life, loving to run free, swim, chase squirrels and chippy’s as well as “stealing” from neighbors – sunglasses, boots, gloves.  Set it down and Bud grabbed it and brought it home.  While growing up all the neighbors delighted in seeing him prance by on his way to somewhere important, maybe to roll in a dead fish or drag home a deer carcass.  Most times he stopped by those neighbors for his daily treat.  As he began to slow down neighbors would drop his treat off at the end of the driveway, indicating “Bud hasn’t been by today”.  He touched so many hearts and we were truly blessed to have him, an amazingly awesome pup.



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