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April 24, 2019 E-News

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Wisconsin’s protections against new drinking water pollutants slowed under Scott Walker.  The administration of former Gov. Scott Walker lengthened by several years the state’s already-protracted process for setting pollution standards that protect public health from contaminated drinking water, according to retired and current state groundwater regulators.

Weakened levee along Wisconsin River prompts evacuation order near Portage.  Officials in Columbia and Sauk counties ordered evacuations along Levee Road Sunday night after floodwaters weakened the Caledonia Levee along the Wisconsin River near Portage.

Dane County grants would pay farmers to prevent pollution by switching from corn crops to grazing.  Dane County announced a program Monday aimed at reducing pollution and flooding from corn and other row crops by offering cash incentives to farmers who convert their land to environmentally less damaging uses such as pastures for grazing.

Arsenic in Some Bottled Water Brands at Unsafe Levels, Consumer Reports Says.  Natural foods grocery chain Whole Foods introduced its new brand of bottled water at a 2015 investor event, where company executives heralded the product’s purity and healthfulness.

PFAS Alert: More Bipartisan Legislation Being Introduced.  The PFAS Detection Act of 2019 would authorize the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to conduct a nationwide sampling to test surface and groundwater for PFAS pollution, with a special focus on water near sites already known or suspected to be contaminated.

Remember May 1st is this year’s Water Supply Regulatory Affairs Seminar that will be held at the Pyle Center in Madison.  Come for the knowledge of the leading authorities in the state on water supply issues and regulations.  Go to for registration and agenda.

It could be the most important thing you do this year!  May 22, 2019 is the date for the annual Municipal Lobby day held at the Monona Terrace.  This is the best chance you will have to meet with and influence your local representative on municipal matters that are coming to your systems.  We are looking for your voices to be heard on matters that will not only help your system, but systems around the state.

Quote:  “The single raindrop never feels responsible for the flood.” – Douglas Adams

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