Thursday , 15 November 2018

August 22, 2018 E-News

Madison Water Utility applies for 30% rate hike; money not for reducing $6M deficit:  The Madison Water Utility has applied for a 30 percent overall rate increase, which would add about $7.40 a month Damage widespread, 1 dead after record rainfall causes flash flooding in Dane County to the average residential customer’s bill.  The increase would result in over $10 million in new revenue, but none of the new revenue would be used to cover a $6 million deficit in the utility’s 2017 budget, officials said.

Damage widespread, 1 dead after record rainfall causes flash flooding in Dane County:  An epic rainfall swept one man to his death, washed out bridges, swamped homes, cars and businesses, and marooned dozens of shoppers overnight at a Middleton discount store Monday.  The flash floods took many by surprise, forcing emergency responders and ordinary citizens into extraordinary efforts to rescue those caught in the rushing water.

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District documents 6 sanitary overflow locations:   Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District crews have documented six sanitary overflow locations in Madison and neighboring communities following the record-breaking storm overnight Monday.

City water purification company’s door-to-door marketing confusing Green Bay water customers:  Elemental Core Outreach, a water treatment sales company, is making its way through Green Bay, leaving fliers and water test kits at homes that ask residents to provide some personal and other information and fill an accompanying water bottle with tap water to be picked up for testing the following day.  That’s led to a number of calls to the Green Bay Water Utility, which prompted it to issue an advisory that the company is not affiliated with the city water service.

Tomorrow promises to be a great day at WRWA Operator Expo.  We always have room for more.  If you’re waiting to see how the weather is going to be, wait no longer:  It’s going to be a great day!!  Come on over to Plover and attend the largest Operator Expo in the industry.  80 Vendors are going to be demonstrating the most up to date technology and products to solve your water/wastewater issues.  Classes will impart the latest information for your work knowledge.  See you at the Expo!

Quote:  “Many water cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it” – Song of Songs 8:7

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