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December 13, 2017 E-News

PIPELINE GIANT ENBRIDGE ACCEDES TO SAFETY MEASURE, BUT IS IT ENOUGH TO PROTECT THE GREAT LAKES?Canadian oil pipeline giant Enbridge Inc. bowed to pressure from the State of Michigan last month and agreed to not run oil through its two pipes lying on the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac in bad weather. The reason oil must stop flowing in extreme weather is because, according to company spokesman Ryan Duffy, “the waves would impact trying to put boats out on the water” to corral and recover any spilled oil. But the new agreement with Michigan is silent on the similar problems that a wintertime blanket of ice would pose to an oil spill response effort

HUGE WAVES HIT LAKE MICHIGAN’S EASTERN SHORE, AFTER LAKE SUPERIOR WAVES SET RECORD IN OCTOBERWisconsin’s Great Lakes have churned up some monster waves this fall. Ten-foot-plus waves pounded Lake Michigan’s eastern shore this week, after Lake Superior recorded a record wave height in October

FETID ATTRACTION: LONDON FATBERG TO GO ON MUSEUM DISPLAYPart of a monster fatberg that clogged one of London’s sewers is destined for fame in a museum.  The Museum of London says it will put the only remaining chunk of the 130-metric-ton (143-U.S.-ton) mass of oil, fat, diapers and baby wipes on display early next year.  The museum’s shoebox-sized chunk is all that remains. The rest has been converted to biofuel

SCOTT WALKER TO SIGN BILL LIFTING MINING MORATORIUMGov. Scott Walker signed a bill Monday lifting Wisconsin’s moratorium on gold and silver mining, reversing his vote from nearly 20 years ago imposing the ban and brushing aside conservationists’ warnings that the measure will lead to devastating pollution

MILWAUKEE MAY BAN EMPLOYEES OF CITY CONTRACTORS FROM CARRYING GUNSSome Milwaukee Common Council members will try to ban employees of city contractors from carrying a gun while on the job. The move comes after a photo surfaced of three white employees of a Hartford sewer repair firm carrying handguns while on a city job in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Milwaukee. It’s unclear if the workers broke the law, but Milwaukee officials report the company has fired one of the men and suspended the others.

Quote:  “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”  W.H. Anden

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