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December 20, 2017 E-News

Plenty of questions: Waukesha Water Utility has the answers about city’s emerging water plan:  In a historic 14-0 vote, aldermen decided to go with the flow, accepting city staff’s recommendation to partner with Milwaukee for its future water supply, thus finalizing an idea that dates back 15 years and a formal process that began seven years ago. All of which raises one question in particular: Now what?

Top 10 signs it’s winter in Wisconsin:  From icy lakes to buried cars, here are the signs that winter has arrived in Wisconsin.

Former Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp to take charge of EPA’s Midwest regional office:  Cathy Stepp, a former Republican state senator who served as secretary of the Department of Natural Resources for more than six years, was named on Tuesday by the Trump administration to run the regional office of the Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago. The company has already won exemptions from environmental rules from Gov. Scott Walker’s administration. The massive project will require some federal reviews, as well.

Central Wisconsin cuts back on unhealthy salt, on its highways:  County road crews have dumped more than 195,000 tons of salt on central Wisconsin highways over the past five years, with much of it running off into nearby water systems.  The chloride from the salt is particularly toxic for wildlife, plant life, pets and humans.  Those who oversee county highway departments say they’re quite aware of those dangers, and it’s why they’re increasingly using less-harmful materials to clear the roads for motorists

What Will Wisconsin’s Climate Look Like In The Future?:  Climate change is a difficult subject to wrap your head around. It’s happening and yet it’s difficult to localize it’s impact. Increased extreme rainfall events, poorer air quality and increased summertime drought are all likely projections. While the impacts continue to be uncovered, one thing scientists can say for sure is that the temperatures in Wisconsin will rise over time.

Due to the Holiday Season there will be no E-news next week.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Wisconsin Rural Water!

Quote:  “Running water never grows stale, so you just have to keep on flowing”  -Bruce Lee


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