Monday , 19 March 2018


March 14, 2018 E-News

Wisconsin public employee pensions to rise at least 2.4 percent:  Retired public employees across the state who participate in the Wisconsin Retirement System will get bigger pension checks, starting May ... Read More »

March 7, 2018 E-News

Funding for state roads down as much as $90 million due to Foxconn project:  A new road project serving the $10 billion Foxconn plant in Racine County could reduce funding ... Read More »

February 21, 2018 E-News

Trump Infrastructure Plan Would Pay For A Fraction Of Investment:  “I would love to see a more significant and robust investment in water and sewer infrastructure, in roads and bridges ... Read More »

February 28, 2018 E-News

Well water testing available for those in Waupun area; students explore contamination:  Those in the Waupun area with private drinking wells will have the opportunity to test their well water ... Read More »