Saturday , 23 March 2019

February 27, 2019 E-News

New links found between PFAS in drinking water and polluted National Guard base.  The Madison Water Utility’s latest tests for toxic chemicals in drinking water found further indications the source of the hazardous material is the nearby Wisconsin Air National Guard base.

GOP bill would create water pollution credit clearinghouse.  Republican legislators began a push Tuesday to streamline Wisconsin’s water pollution credit-trading system, introducing a bill that would create a clearinghouse that they say would make it easier for large-scale facilities and farmers to trade with one another.

What’s in a wipe? The truth about flushable products.  Just because something will physically go down the toilet does not mean it should be flushed. It seems like a simple idea, but the troubles with America’s wastewater infrastructure remain in the headlines because too many people flush items down their toilets that weren’t meant to be flushed.

4 weeks to Conference:  We are down to 1-2 booths and we’re finalizing all the last minute details.  This looks to be another great Conference, if the snow will ever melt!  You still have time to register and attend the largest Water and Wastewater Technical Conference in Wisconsin.  March 27-29, with Pre-Conference technical workshops on March 26.  Be there, or be Square!

Quote:  “Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand”-Guinean Proverb


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