City of Hurley has for sale a Ford Water Meter Test Bench Model 6STB-LR Serial # 01012

This standard test bench includes the following:

  1. Adapters and gaskets for 5/8”, 5/8” x ¾”, ¾”, and 1” meters
  2. Ball valve at inlet and outlet
  3. Testerate Indicator
  4. Pressure gauges at inlet and outlet of each row
  5. Bleeder or adjusting valve at outlet of each unit
  6. A drain valve at bench outlet
  7. 18” copper swinging discharge pipe at outlet
  8. Idlers for all but one meter testing station

Additional options included in this sale are 2 galvanized calibrated tanks 10-gal and 100-gal (9” x 60” & 26” x 60”), tester clamp to allow for testing 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” and 2” meters, and an auto stop to automatically stop the test at pre-determined tank levels.

$10,000 or best offer

Purchaser responsible for pick up / shipping

Interested parties may contact Gary Laguna at the City of Hurley Public Works Department 715-862-0585