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Monthly vs Quarterly billing

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    Angie Holz

    Wondering who does monthly billing vs quarterly billing; pros & cons for the monthly vs the quarterly & whether you do disconnects if you have monthly billing.



    We do monthly billing . We have water, sewer and electric, and yes we do disconnects


    Becky Scribner

    We bill quarterly. My feeling is (and our board as well) – it doesn’t matter if it is monthly or quarterly – people that are not going to pay will not, not matter how often you bill them. For us, it is more cost effective to bill quarterly because every part of it is manual – we have manual reading, computer entry, and stuffing & postage. So time wise and cost wise, this is what works best for us. We do disconnects – but because we will disconnect for non-payment we have very few.


    Angie Holz

    Just out of curiosity how many customers do you have & do you send disconnects then almost monthly as well?


    Patricia A Hahn

    We Bill Monthly. We have radio read meters, have Workhorse Software use card stock for Utility bills. They can be mailed bulk except for the disconnections and have 300 accounts. We feel that people cannot afford to pay quarterly. We started monthly billing back in 1992. Takes about 3 hours for billing from beginning with loading meter reads to mailing. We almost always have around 10 disconnects each month.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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