Wednesday , 20 February 2019

Wastewater Lab and Wastewater Process Control Items For Sale

Barnstead E-Pure Water Purification: New unused condition $1,200.00 OBO.







Fisher Scientific Muffle Furnace 240v model #550-128 : Needs thermo coupler. $500.00 OBO







Labconco Fume Hood: New condition $1,500.00 OBO








Labline Aqua Bath model #18102 : New condition $200.00 OBO









Milton Roy Spectronic 601: New condition $250.00 OBO






PH transmitter Electro Chemical Device Model T28 Transmitter w/ sensor – $1,200.00









Junction box & InsiteIG model 1500 transmitter w/ sensor. – $800.00







Contact Joel Weber at the City of Washburn WWTP at 715-373-6055 or email to


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