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January 11, 2018 E-News

WATER MAINS POP IN WEST ALLIS AS TEMPERATURES CAREEN FROM SUBZERO TO ABOVE AVERAGE:  Water mains pop in West Allis as temperatures careen from subzero to above average

STUDY: WARMING PUTS MILLIONS MORE AT RISK FROM RIVER FLOODS:  Scientists say millions more people around the world are threatened by river floods in coming decades due to climate change.  Researchers in Germany say greater flood defenses are particularly needed in the United States, parts of India and Africa, Indonesia and Central Europe

MICHIGAN SUES COMPANY OVER CHEMICAL CONTAMINANTS IN WATER:  Michigan environmental regulators on Wednesday sued footwear company Wolverine World Wild over widely used industrial chemical contaminants that were dumped into the ground decades ago and have seeped into drinking water, saying the lawsuit is necessary to lock into place response efforts and to reimburse the government for past and future costs

LANDOWNER PROMPTS EFFORT TO BLOCK PUBLIC ACCESS TO CERTAIN DAMMED STREAMS:  An Assembly committee Tuesday approved a bill prohibiting the state from opening up public access to waterways that were made deeper by a dam as part of a wildlife-restoration project.

WISCONSIN FARMERS WEIGH IN ON TRUMP’S PROGRESS ON RURAL ISSUES:  As President Donald Trump marks his first year in office this month, Wisconsin farmers disagree on whether the administration has done enough to address rural needs.  Trump talked about trade, tax cuts and expanding broadband access during a speech at the American Farm Bureau convention this week in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s the first time in 25 years a president has spoken at the event for farmers and ranchers.

GOP BILL WOULD RESTRICT EMPLOYEE SAFEGUARDS:  State senators heard testimony Wednesday on a Republican bill that would prevent cities and counties from enforcing a wide variety of local worker protections

2018 WRWA ANNUAL CONFERENCE: The agenda and registration for the WRWA Annual Conference March 26-29, 2018 is now on the WRWA website at

Quote:  “We forget that the water cycle and life cycle are one.”  Jacques Cousteau

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