RURAL WATER E-NEWS …………………………….……….….…………………………….  1/13/2021

Michigan plans to charge ex-Gov. Snyder in Flint water probe.  Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, his health director and other ex-officials have been told they’re being charged after a new investigation of the Flint water scandal, which devastated the majority Black city with lead-contaminated water and was blamed for a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in 2014-15, The Associated Press has learned.

DNR REMINDS WISCONSINITES TO REDUCE SALT USE THIS WINTER.  Reduce salt usage this winter and help improve Wisconsin’s freshwater ecosystems. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Wisconsin Salt Wise remind Wisconsin residents of the negative impacts of chlorides and best practices for responsible salt use during Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week, Jan. 11-15, 2021.

PFAS found in two City of La Crosse municipal wells.  Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) have been detected in two City of La Crosse municipal wells and groundwater samples near the La Crosse Regional Airport.  The municipal wells’ impacts are below the DNR’s proposed standards, but the La Crosse Water Utility has removed the wells from production as a precaution.

Tests reveal “PFAS” contamination in 40 Town of Campbell private wells.  Imagine not being able to drink or cook with the water coming from your tap because it’s not safe.  That’s the reality for dozens of homeowners on French Island, where environmental consultants say some private wells are contaminated.

Stevens Point Fire Department combats PFAS with eco-friendly foam.  “When we started to learn about the potential dangers of PFAS, we took the lead,” said Stevens Point Mayor Mike Wiza.

Peshtigo Residents Reach $17.5M Class Action Settlement With Tyco Over PFAS Contamination.  Peshtigo residents have reached a $17.5 million settlement with Tyco Fire Products and two other companies over widespread PFAS contamination stemming from the use of firefighting foam in the Peshtigo and Marinette areas.

To be clear:  La Crosse detected PFOS in private wells located near the airport.  Two of La Crosse’s municipal wells were below the DNR proposed standards for PFOS.

Peshtigo has just recently signed on to NRWA’s class action lawsuit for PFOS contamination.  The reward was $17.5 million.  If you suspect PFOS issues in your future, you can still sign up.  Contact me and I will get you in going.

Vaccination update:  The most recent SDMAC vaccination meeting has decided to keep essential water and wastewater utilities in phase 1c, but shorten the list for phase 1b and start phase 1c faster.  If you wish to submit comments, please concentrate your comments on the impacts to businesses, staff and health status of employees.  Remember that many small systems in this state have very small staffs and that all your customers depend on them for water and sanitation.  Should be a “no brainer,” but let’s jump through the hoops.

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