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January 2, 2019 E-News

RURAL WATER E-NEWS …………………………….……….….…………………………….    1/2/19

Hazardous drinking water found in 42% of southwest Wisconsin wells:  The first systematic study of well water in southwest Wisconsin found bacterial and chemical contamination at rates as bad as — and possibly worse than — areas targeted by new state water protection rules.

Waukesha faces costly pump repair at primary well four years before switch to Lake Michigan supply:  Just four years before Waukesha plans to make the switch to a Lake Michigan water supply, the city will be spending up to $325,000 in 2019 to rebuild or replace the motor of its highest-capacity well pump.

Treading water: In Green Bay, excess manure from dairy farms has been primary culprit for dead zones:  Village Kitchen owner Chris Jacobs got a call no restaurant owner wants to take: Elevated nitrate levels in her water made it unsafe for customers to drink, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said in April.

Treading water: Minnesota farmers balk over buffer strip mandate:  While he enjoys having a “driveway” next to his fields, Joel Rauenhorst doesn’t think the buffer strip he’s required to have between his soybeans and a drainage ditch is the best way to reduce fertilizer runoff.

Treading water: Scant results seen despite millions spent in states along Mississippi River to cut nutrient pollution.  America’s Midwest faces worsening trouble with undrinkable well water, recreational lakes choked with toxic algae and water treatment plants requiring budget-busting upgrades to remove pollution washing from farm fields and industries.

Please help welcome Aneta (Annie) Von Rueden to the Rural Water family.  Annie will be our third Water Circuit Rider primarily in the southeastern part of the state. Annie will start to be around to your system soon to offer assistance and information starting this month.  Good Luck Annie!

Quote:  “This is a new year.  A new beginning.  And things will change.”  Taylor Swift

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