Jeff LaBelle
Jeff LaBelleTechnical Assistance Director
Cell: (715) 340-8860

Initially hired as a small system Circuit Rider in 2000, Jeff has worked his way up to his current position as Field Staff Supervisor.  In addition to his duties as a municipal Circuit Rider covering the western half of the state, Jeff also oversees the activities of all the field staff providing technical assistance to the different classifications of water systems in Wisconsin.

Rural Water Circuit Rider Technical Assistance

The Rural Water Circuit Rider Program provides on-site assistance to help assure cost-effective operation and protection of Wisconsin’s investment in rural water systems. These efforts are directed toward unincorporated rural systems, tribal systems, small municipal systems and incorporated municipal systems under 10,000 population. WRWA Circuit Riders work alongside system personnel to train operators how to correct a problem rather than simply fixing it for them. They provide assistance in maintenance, management, treatment, compliance and environmental issues. Each year our Circuit Riders make over 400 onsite visits to communities in the state. It is a priority of WRWA water programs to provide high quality drinking water for WI residents therefore this assistance is provided at no charge to the systems and communities they serve.