RURAL WATER E-NEWS …………………………….……….….…………………………….  7/22/20 

Wisconsin joins lawsuit challenging change to Clean Water Act that limits states’ power to prevent pollution.  Wisconsin has joined a lawsuit against a new environmental regulation passed by the Trump administration curtailing states’ ability to reject federally permitted projects that may cause pollution in bodies of water or wetlands.

EPA Signs Off on Standards to Reduce Phosphorus Pollution in The Wisconsin River Basin.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved site-specific criteria to reduce phosphorus pollution in several lakes within the Wisconsin River basin.

CUB asks utilities to delay shutoffs, urges customers to seek energy, rental aid.  The Citizens Utility Board, Wisconsin’s utility consumer advocate, is calling for utilities to be flexible with customers, waive penalties for nonpayment and delay disconnecting customers who are behind on their bills until the fall.

Pepin County ranked as No. 1 coronavirus hot spot in Wisconsin.  Pepin County is reporting 27.4 new daily coronavirus cases per 100,000 people, making it the highest risk area in Wisconsin for the spread of the virus, according to a new online map detailing COVID-19 risks nationwide.

Officials warn of poor water quality at Lake Michigan beaches, urge swimmers not to ingest water.  Officials urged Lake Michigan beachgoers to be cautious over the weekend due to poor water quality.

Tornado causes damage in the Village of Cadott.  The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department confirms a tornado touched down in the Village of Cadott Tuesday night.

Heard it from the Grapevine:  PSC is considering reinstating the water shutoff moratorium.  Watch for any announcements about that.

Legislative Survey:  WRWA is working on the Legislative front for the next year.  If you have any concerns, or want something addressed, please take the following survey for us and we will look out for and react to any issue that can be legislated.  Your voice in Wisconsin law is part of your membership and this is the best time to get something started!  Survey is available at

Operator Certification Training is in the works for August.  Stay tuned for dates.  All classes will be on-line and available for everyone.

WRWA Virtual Operator Expo will be coming in late August.  We will have 2 days of virtual training and product demonstrations.  Get your barbeque recipes ready to enjoy a day or two of training while watching some of the best training available for your water and wastewater CEUs. will soon have registration and information available on the website.

Last Note:  WRWA will be requiring masks at in person training for the near future.  Our audiences are essential water and wastewater operators and we cannot become a vector for COVID spread.  The slight inconvenience will ensure that we have done everything to keep our membership safe while attending much needed training.  Thanks everyone for understanding

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