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Marquette partners with the MMSD on two green infrastructure projects on campus.  Combined, the Marquette projects have the potential to prevent up to nearly 500,000 gallons of stormwater runoff during a single rain event to reduce sewer overflow volume and reduce the risk of flooding and help protect rivers and lakes from pollution.  ​​​Marquette partners with the MMSD on two green infrastructure projects on campus // News Center // Marquette University

A federal funding program with bipartisan support helped clean up the Great Lakes. Could it work for the Mississippi River, too?  Many environmental and health concerns plague the river: harmful algal blooms are forming in areas that are dammed; nitrogen pollution from fertilizer is making people sick; and cities are spending exorbitant amounts to filter their drinking water.  ​​​​​​Effort to clean up Mississippi River mirrors Great Lakes initiative (

Wisconsin DNR recommends water systems notify customers of even low levels of ‘forever chemical’ in drinking water.  The Department of Natural Resources is asking all water systems to begin reporting detectable “forever chemical” contaminations in drinking water, under new federal guidelines with limits far lower than the state’s standards.  ​​​​​​Wisconsin DNR asking water systems should report low levels of PFAS (

Wisconsin AG sues 18 companies over PFAS contamination.  Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul filed a lawsuit Wednesday seeking to force 18 companies that he alleges contaminated the environment with chemicals known as PFAS to reimburse the state for investigations and cleanup efforts.  ​​​​​Wisconsin AG sues 18 companies over PFAS contamination | Local Government |

Testing confirms PFAS at Eau Claire airport.  PFAS contamination has been confirmed through groundwater and soil testing at Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, which is near Eau Claire’s municipal wellfield.  ​​Testing confirms PFAS at Eau Claire airport | Front Page |

National News:  Jury gets Flint water case about liability for engineers.  Jurors heard closing arguments Thursday in the only trial to arise thus far from the Flint water crisis, a dispute over whether two engineering firms should be held partially responsible for the city’s lead contamination in 2014-15.  ​​​​Jury gets Flint water case about liability for engineers – WKBT (

It is more important than ever to think about joining the NRWA Class Action PFAS Lawsuit.  For more information ​​​The National Rural Water Association (NRWA) PFAS Contamination Lawsuit · Napoli Shkolnik (

We even have the safety shoe truck coming this year!  Expo is coming right around the corner.  August 18th marks our annual Operator Expo.  The day will be filled with education, hands on exhibitions and lots of interaction with fellow operators.  Register at ​​​ (

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