Kay Curtin
Kay CurtinWastewater Trainer
Cell: (715) 340-8827

In 1976, Kay entered the wastewater treatment profession when she became an environmental lab technician for Kraft Foods in Stockton, Illinois. This led to her becoming a pretreatment plant operator for another Illinois Dairy, then a municipal operator in Wisconsin for many years.  She also started the AgSource Environmental Laboratories, worked for Wisconsin Rural Water and SEH, Inc. as a wastewater technician and trainer, and was a state wastewater trainer in Minnesota for several years.  Her last position was at Metropolitan Council Environmental Services in the Twin Cities, where she was an assistant manager for the 8 treatment plants that serve the 108 communities in the Metro area.

She is now happily back home in Wisconsin and WRWA, where she has resumed her previous trainer/technician position for Western Wisconsin.

Kay has attended Rock Valley College, Moraine Park Technical College, and the University of Wisconsin. She also teaches wastewater treatment in Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota and other areas in her spare time. Aside from her WRWA travels, her other happy place is the farm, where she can be found digging in the garden, quilting, or bow hunting. Her other hobbies include biking with her husband Rick, and playing with her microscope.

Wastewater Programs

The Wisconsin Rural Water Association provides Training and Technical Assistance to operators of wastewater treatment systems in Wisconsin through two programs.

Much like its water oriented counterpart, the primary function of the Rural Water Training and Technical Assistance Program is to conduct training classes for wastewater system operators in the state. The classes provide certified training on all aspects of wastewater system operation and maintenance and are held in different locations throughout the state during the year. In addition to facilitating these classes, the WRWA Wastewater Trainer also provides onsite technical assistance to wastewater system operators.