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March 13, 2019 E-News

RURAL WATER E-NEWS …………………………….……….….…………………………….    3/13/19

Altoona issues advisory about frozen water services.  The City of Altoona is issuing an advisory to all of its utility customers due to the likelihood of frozen water services.  Water services are freezing due to the depth of the frost in the ground. The result is that water services may freeze at any point between the water main in the street and a customer’s home.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay offers water science major.  The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay plans to offer a new undergraduate degree in water science this fall in part to fill a worker shortage as the state invests more into water quality programs.

Groundwater quality a focus for Gov. Evers and local health officials.  “This is an issue not only around health but it’s an issue around our culture as a state. We inherited this water in a different condition than it is today and we have to get back to that condition going forward,” said Evers during a visit to La Crosse on March 1.

Second sampling of southwest Wisconsin groundwater study planned for April.  The first round of well water sampling in Grant, Iowa and Lafayette counties as part of the Southwest Wisconsin Groundwater and Geology Study, also known as SWIGG, has been completed, with state geologist Ken Bradbury and federal biologist Joel Stokdyk awaiting results of specific microbe sampling in the found contaminated wells — results that should give them a clearer picture of the sources of their reported widespread contamination.

Brrrr! Lake Superior reaches 90 percent ice cover.  The extreme cold this winter helped cover more than 90 percent of Lake Superior in ice this week. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports ice cover approached levels not seen in four years.

Upcoming warmth, rain raises flooding concerns across Wisconsin.  Your prayers have been answered, Wisconsin. A “heat wave” is on the way.  Well, a 50-degree “heat wave” that is.

2 Weeks to Conference.  What are you waiting for?  The weather is going to be great!  Go to to register.  There is no better training and technology exhibit in the state!  And, the Sportsman’s Raffle pup is the cutest Black Lab you ever saw!

Quote:  “At 211 degrees water is hot.  At 212 degrees it boils.  And with boiling, comes steam.  And with steam you can power a locomotive.  And it’s that extra degree that makes all the difference.” – Mac Anderson

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