RURAL WATER E-NEWS …………………………….……….….…………………………….  5/20/2021

Nearly 800 residents plan to sue La Crosse regarding PFAS.  Nearly 800 residents of French Island plan to sue the city of La Crosse stemming from contamination of private drinking water wells from chemicals known as PFAS, a move that could expose the city to up to more than $39 million in claims.

Report: Wisconsin Among States Not Testing Adequately For Blue Green Algae.  High concentrations of nutrients, specifically phosphorous, and warm lakes are prime conditions for thriving cyanotoxins. That phosphorous gets into lakes largely via the watershed — the land surrounding the lake that drains into the body of water. Some contributors of this pollution are agricultural activities, livestock manure and urban human waste.

City breaks ground on $68 million expansion of waste water treatment facility.  The roughly $68 million expansion at the La Crosse Isle La Plume Wastewater Treatment Facility has officially begun, marking the start of a project that aims to make the city’s waste operations more environmentally and cost efficient.

Water Supply Regulatory Affairs Seminar virtual event will be June 2 this year.  Go to  for registration.  A lot of good information again this year.

WRWA Golf Outing sets a record for golfers.  We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 136 golfers take a day to enjoy a round of golf.  We would like to thank all the golfers and vendor sponsors for helping make this such a great event.

WRWA Operator Expo is currently registering operators for a fun day of education and hands on equipment demonstrations.  Go to Outdoor Expo – WRWA for more information.

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