Friday , 22 June 2018

May 23, 2018 E-News

Dane County gets grant to reduce farm runoff into waterways:  The National Association of Conservation Districts has awarded $80,000 to the Land Conservation Division of the Dane County Land and Water Resources Department, with the money to be used to fund a specialist working directly with farmers on the runoff problem.

New EPA Lead in Water Rule Delayed for Seventh Time: New standards for keeping lead out of drinking water will slide another six months as the EPA delays its self-imposed deadline for action yet again until February.  NRWA urged EPA to separate the results of in-home sampling from treatment requirements for every home in the community, thus correcting the status quo.

People who live in small towns and rural areas are happier than everyone else, researchers say:  Heaven is wide open spaces – at least, it is for most people, according to a massive new data set of happiness in Canada.

Twin Ports Residents Express Doubts Over Environmental Monitoring After Refinery Incident:  Twin Ports residents shared their doubts about environmental monitoring in the wake of explosions and fires at the Husky Energy oil refinery in Superior last month.

Madison Water Utility Board seeks to better understand financial situation in face of $6 million deficit:   The Madison Water Utility Board requested further information Tuesday from the public utility about a $6 million deficit as several options are being pursued to cover the cash shortfall.

By now you should have received notice from the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene that beginning July 1, 2018, they will no longer be sending bacti sample bottles to public water systems that use a private laboratory for bacti testing.  A notice from the State Laboratory of Hygiene was provided with in the second quarter sampling kit.  This means that beginning July 1, 2018, the third quarter, you will need to make arrangements with your private certified laboratory to provide you with a bacti sample bottle/kit for your quarterly bacti sampling.  The DNR will still provide you with the labslips that you need for public drinking water testing.  If you decide you would like to start using the State Laboratory of Hygiene for your bacti sample testing or if you have any questions about the changes please contact Sandy Heimke, DNR, (920) 387-7866 or

Quote:  “High quality water is more than the dream of the conservationists, more than a political slogan; high quality water, in the right quantity at the right place at the right time, is essential to health, recreation and economic growth”-Edmund Muskie

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