RURAL WATER E-NEWS …………………………….……….….…………………………….    5/7/20 

Madison sewage might be monitored for COVID-19.  Sewage could provide clues to how much coronavirus is circulating in communities, and Public Health Madison and Dane County says it may conduct such testing with the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District.

New report shows high levels of PFAS in Madison airport runoff.  New test results show water draining from the Madison airport contains harmful PFAS compounds at thousands of times the concentrations considered safe by other states.

Kaul: Wisconsin DNR can gauge impact of high-capacity wells on nearby water sources.  Wisconsin environmental officials could consider the impact of a high-capacity well on nearby lakes and streams when issuing permits to heavy water users under new guidance from Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul.

Environmental expert warns PFAS spread in Rhinelander could be miles away from source.  Last year, two Rhinelander wells were shut down because of PFAS contamination. The Water Action Team Rhinelander, or WATR, held a virtual forum on the issue Tuesday.

Thousands of barrels of beer in Wisconsin being dumped, reused.  Thousands of barrels of beer are being dumped or reused across Wisconsin because of the state shutdown, and more beer dumping could be happening soon.

Garbage is up, water and power use are down as COVID-19 effects extend into area utilities.  Here’s a side effect of COVID-19 you might not have thought of: Brown County has generated more garbage, and there’s a lot more people throwing it away, than ever before.  No, it’s not because of an increase in the discarded Clorox wipes that people aren’t supposed to flush down their toilets.

More on-line training:  Tuesday brings another wastewater training session.  Lab 101 will discuss the basic lab needs for testing wastewater for compliance with DNR and for process control.  Go to our website, for more information and to register.

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