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November 14, 2019 E-News

RURAL WATER E-NEWS …………………………….……….….…………………………….    11/14/19 

As DNR contemplates PFAS regulation, industry seeks to narrow scope.  As Wisconsin moves to limit human exposure to a new class of toxic chemicals, industry groups are pushing to narrow the scope of what’s regulated while environmental groups say it should be broadened.

As Snow Falls, Some Counties Have Already Exhausted Winter Plowing Budgets.  As early snow storms hit parts of Wisconsin making record snowfalls, some county highway departments have already spent their snowplowing budgets due to record snowfall in February.

Lafayette County Board’s Resolution Warning Media About Water Quality Coverage Dropped.  Lafayette County officials say their county board will no longer consider a resolution to limit what information is released to the public from a regional water quality study.

Lafayette County resolution claims area ‘falsely slandered,’ seeks to restrict well test results.  The Lafayette County Board will vote Tuesday on a resolution that would bar board members from speaking to reporters about water quality test results and keep board members in the dark on those test results, promising retribution for violations.

Winter Operations Class on December 5, 2019 is looking really good.  Lots of things to learn and much help for your upcoming winter.  Go to for more information and registration.

Winter is not here, but spring awaits.  The dates for the WRWA Technical Conference is March 17-20, 2020.  Save the dates for the largest water/wastewater conference in the state.

Quote:  “Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity, as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter.” – Hal Borland

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