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November 6, 2019 E-News

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PFAS-containing foam confirmed by DNR in Peshtigo area.  The Wisconsin DNR has confirmed the presence of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in the Peshtigo River and in a nearby culvert.

Water investigation moves forward, dangerous chemical found in city wells.  The city is moving forward with new PFAs water testing after two wells were contaminated by the man-made chemical known to cause health problems.

DNR says Air National Guard in violation for failing to clean up PFAS contamination at Truax.  Wisconsin environmental regulators are threatening legal action if the state’s Air National Guard does not move swiftly to clean up toxic chemicals that have been used at Truax Field and have turned up in Madison’s water supply.

Several Lakes In The Wisconsin River Basin Inch Closer To New Phosphorus Standards.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is one step closer to setting site-specific criteria to reduce phosphorus pollution in several lakes within the Wisconsin River basin. The Natural Resources Board signed off on specific standards for Lakes Castle Rock Lake, Petenwell Lake and Lake Wisconsin last week.

Investigation: Lead in some Canadian water worse than Flint.  Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been unwittingly exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water, with contamination in several cities consistently higher than they ever were in Flint, Michigan, according to an investigation that tested drinking water in hundreds of homes and reviewed thousands more previously undisclosed results.

As salt prices climb, Wisconsin looks to brine for a cheaper, better solution.  Wisconsin plans to spend close to $108 million to restock state and local governments with about 1.42 million tons of road salt this winter, an increasingly expensive habit that some are trying to change.

Marathon County ranks tenth in the state for reducing salt usage.  They’ve invested a couple hundreds of thousands of dollars into creating and distributing a new formula for snow and ice removal.

Winter Operations class is coming fast.  December 5, 2019 we will be bringing the most up to date and informational subjects for operating your water and wastewater systems this winter.  Go to our website:, for more information and registration.

WRWA Annual Poster Contest is under way.  If you have a school in your town, have them participate in a fun learning activity that helps promote water issues.  There’s a few bucks in it for the school also!  If you have won before, re-enter and you may win again! for more information.

Quote:  “Every mile is two in Winter” – George Herbert


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