RURAL WATER E-NEWS …………………………….……….….…………………………….  10/7/20 

Last lead pipe removed from Green Bay’s water system.  $6 million project makes Green Bay Lead free.

Many Electric Co-ops Resumed Disconnections As Utilities Were Prevented From Shutting Off Power.  State regulators have prevented utilities from shutting off water, power and heat for residential customers during the COVID-19 crisis. But the state’s 24 electric cooperatives that serve more than 587,000 customers aren’t required to meet the same standard.

Iowa wastewater treatment test results were manipulated.  An Iowa wastewater treatment plant official has pleaded guilty to manipulating water sample test results to ensure plant discharges into the Missouri River met federal requirements.

Coon Valley receives grant to replace water, sewer lines.  The village of Coon Valley has been awarded up to a $1 million grant from the Wisconsin Department of Administration for a Community Development Block Grant-Public Facilities project.

DNR to conduct new round of testing for ‘forever chemicals’ in Peshtigo wells after firefighting foam producer refuses.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is testing a new set of drinking water wells in the area surrounding a firefighting testing facility in Marinette for chemical contamination.

New technology to convert cow manure into clean water in Dane County.  New technology that transforms cow manure into water clean enough to be discharged into local waterways is now at work in the town of Springfield

WRWA is delivering masks.  Circuit riders are delivering face masks for AWWA.  If you have the need for some face masks, go to the WIAWWA website and request some, or call your circuit rider (water or wastewater) and we will come out and help you get the request in while delivering the masks.  These are available to operators only, 10 per operator.

We have Virtual Operator Expo T-Shirts.  If you are looking to expand you collection of safety t-shirts, we have Virtual operator t-shirts for you from our Operator expo.  These popular shirts are safety yellow and sport the “Virtual WRWA Operator Logo.”  We are selling them for our cost of $5.25.  Get 2, they’re going to be popular!  Call the office or your circuit rider and they will bring one out for you, along with lots of knowledge and help.

Keep watch on for classes and registrations.  Clerk Training, Safety training and more is coming available.

Quote: “Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Turn the udder cheek and mooo-ve on.”-  Elsie