Excavation “Competent Person” Safety Training (6 Municipal Water or Wastewater Safety Credits, 6 General Septage, 6 Soil Tester)

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(6 Municipal Water or Wastewater Safety Credits, 6 General Septage, 6 Soil Tester)

October 15, 2019 – WRWA Technology Center, 351 Water Way, Plover WI

This class was designed for water/wastewater, public works, engineers, building inspectors and contractor employees. Participants will be able to identify existing and predictable hazards in excavations and hazardous working conditions which are unsanitary or dangerous. This class will cover OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Subpart P Excavations and State requirements.

Employees who work in or around excavations should attend. Anyone approaching an excavation (regardless of who created the excavation) must have the training.

Attendees will receive a training manual,  a copy of the regulation and the proper certification documentation.

This Class Will Cover:

Training Requirements, Who Is A Competent Person, Understanding Soils, Cave-In Hazards,Classifying Soils, How To Use Tabulated Data, Competent Person Responsibilities, General Requirements in and Around Excavations, Hazardous Atmospheres, Trench Rescue & Equipment, Protective System Methods, Sloping & Benching Systems, Shoring & Shield Systems, State of Wisconsin, Department of Safety & Professional Services Requirements Will be Covered

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