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Class Room Technology Center

8:00 amTank Operations and Maintenance – 2019 was another very cold, brutal winter on our water systems. How did you prevent your water tower from freezing? Learn what steps and equipment can help prevent ice formation in your tank. See some pictures and hear some horror stories. Share your success stories with your water tower operation or your misfortune with the group.            Michael Olesen, KLM Engineering, Inc

9:00 am Ice Pigging – Ice pigging is the process in which an ice slurry is pumped into a pipe and forced along inside in order to remove sediment and other unwanted deposits to leave the pipe clean. It has many applications in the water and sewage industries.         Jessica Morrison, Suez

10:00 amUpdates, Op.Cert, AWIA                    DNR Staff

11:00 amTrenchless Tool (Utility installs)  – 1. Grundomat piercing tool demo-how it installs utilities 2. Splitters demo-how it splits existing pipe while pulling in new pipe simultaneously 3.  Grundopit pit launched boring machine with ability to steer & locate           Sarah Mahlik & Mark Schneider, TT Technologies

12:00 pmTrenchless Manhole Rehabilitation –  This technique is a trenchless manhole rehabilitation method accomplished via installation of a fully structural concrete liner having equal performance to replacement with new precast. Presentation will include steps: preparation of existing manhole structure, removal of pavement, casting and chimney section, installation of sonotube/forming components, pouring of new liner, rebuilding flowlines/bench & invert, setting of new casting and restoring street surface.            Matt Huston, Hydro-Klean, LLC

1:00 pm Sustainability & Resiliency in Utility Management –  As engineers, owners, operators and other various stakeholders, we are continued to be challenged to do more with less. More projects are needed and fewer dollars are available. To move forward, it’s critical that we take a close look at the way we think about protocols and methodology with an honest and open-minded approach if we are to rise up and meet the challenge successfully. This presentation will dig into some of those issues and trends in the field of water resources.              Jake Brunoehler, PE

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