Water System Operations Basics – Well and Pumps & Water Treatment (6 Municipal Water Credits)

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Water System Operations Basics – Well and Pumps & Water Treatment

Well and Pumps: Over 90% of municipal water utilities use groundwater as their source. Having knowledge of wells and pumps is essential to the duties of a water utility operator. This portion of session I will cover the types of wells, and discussion which may be suitable for a municipal water system, well drilling methods, the components of a well, and different pumps that are commonly used in a water system and how they work.

Water Treatment: Students attending this session will learn about basic water chemistry, and the basics of water treatment. This session will cover overview of disinfection including chlorination, fluoridation, and other common methods of water treatment. Students will learn about how these processes help communities achieve compliance and provide safe drinking water.

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Instructors – WRWA Staff

Who should attend – Water System Operations Specialists & those taking the WDNR System Operator Ground Water & Distribution Exams