WRWA Outdoor Expo (6 Municipal Water and 6 Wastewater Credits)

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WRWA Outdoor Expo 2022 Agenda
Thursday August 18, 2022
(6 Municipal Water and 6 Wastewater Credits)

Technology Center Classroom

8am – 9am – Lagoon Management & Maintenance ~ The impacts of routine and cyclical maintenance in lagoon systems.  Ben Shakman, Triplepoint Environmental

9am – 10am – Tips for Pump Repairs and Replacements ~  The greasy grimy details of repairing or replacing a pump.  Chad Kubasch and Jason Draeger, Pump Works Group

10am – 11am – Monoform Plus Manhole Rehabilitation ~  Rehabilitation of underground utility components impacted by degradation. Brenda German, HK Solutions Group (WRWA Associate Member)

11am – 12pm – Basic Control Panel Troubleshooting ~  Troubleshooting with electric meter tracing voltage in relation to schematics.  Anthony Wright, Wisconsin Pump Works (WRWA Associate Member)

12pm – 1pm – Working Lunch and Product Demonstrations (outside)

1pm – 2pm – Computer Deep Learning Tool Influencing Infrastructure Analytics ~  Computerized learning current and future contributions for infrastructure analytics.  Robert Muchka, Infrastructure DL, LLC (WRWA Corporate Member)

 Office Building Classroom

8am – 9am – The Cost of Doing Nothing: Your Water Storage Infrastructure ~  Importance of reconditioning, inspecting, and maintaining water storage tanks.  Shawn Mulhern, KLM Engineering, Inc. (WRWA Corporate Gold Member)

9am – 10am – PFAS Sampling: A Strategic Planning Process for Managing PFAS in Community Drinking ~  Water Systems Planning to decide whether to sample or not to sample for PFAS compounds.  Mark A. Rutkowski, P.G., Shannon & Wilson, Inc. (WRWA Corporate Member)

10am – 11am– Using Electroscan Technology for True Condition Assessment on Pressurized Pipe  ~  Uninterrupted Condition assessments for pressurized pipe covering varying diameters and materials.  Joe Nepras, M.E. Simpson Co. Inc. (WRWA Associate Member)

11am – 12pm – Selecting a Phosphate for Lead & Copper Corrosion Control  ~  Factors influencing corrosion and corrosion control with phosphates.  Darin Skutt, Martelle Water Treatment & Carus (WRWA Corporate Gold Member)

12pm – 1pm – Working Lunch and Product Demonstrations (outside)

1pm – 2pm – Finding the Right Funding for Capital Improvement Projects ~  Various funding options best suited for capital improvement needs.  Ed Maxwell, Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (WRWA Corporate Member)

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