Monday , 12 November 2018

Water Dog


The “Water Dog” should be towed with a 1 ton or larger truck. When towing, ensure the electric brakes are functional and the hitch height should be level with the tow vehicle to prevent sway while towing.


1. The “Water Dog” is to be used for potable water only.

2. If chlorinated water is used a good rinse out should be satisfactory. If unchlorinated, the tank should be disinfected prior to use.

3. After filling, a safe bacteria sample should be obtained.

4. At the end of use, to prepare the unit for storage the ball valve should be opened to completely drain and dry out the tank. The ball valve can be opened using the operating lever located on the passenger side of tank above the fender.

5. Once the tank is empty the ball valve should be closed to prevent contamination.

6. All hoses used for connection should be flushed with chlorinated water before use and drained completely after use. Hoses should have caps on when not in use.


1. Prior to filling with water to be bottled, the Water Dog must be inspected and sanitized according to state and federal requirements.

2. All disinfectants used must be NSF approved.

3. Sanitization must be completed using a concentration of at least 100 ppm chlorine residual for a minimum of 2-minutes.

4. Disinfecting solution must be drained and the container rinsed with clean water prior to filling.

5. After use and prior to returning, Water Dog must be disinfected using steps 3 & 4 above.

6. Following disinfection & rinsing, Wash tags shall be attached to the container showing the date, system and initials of system personnel conducting the disinfection procedures.


At the time of delivery to the bottling facility, the following information must be supplied;

1. The name and address of the person(s) sending and receiving the shipment.

2. The name and address of the transport vehicle owner and the name of the vehicle operator.

3. The identification number of the vehicle, if any.

4. The date on which the shipment was received.

5. Any sampling information required for that shipment by the bottler.


System/business name:                                                                                                           


Signature:                                                                        Date:                                             




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