We’re excited to announce the 4th Annual WRWA/WIP Video Contest for high school students. This contest is open to individuals or teams of students in 9th through 12th grade from any accredited high school in Wisconsin. Where the poster contest allows us to reach elementary students, the video contest extends our outreach efforts to high school age students. There will be a grand prize of $1,000 awarded to the sponsoring teacher/department as well as $250 gift cards to each student of the winning team.

The challenge is for students to create a video up to 45 seconds long based on one of two themes, either Water Conservation or Facts on Water to Educate the Public. We’re looking for students to produce creative videos that help people understand how to conserve or protect their drinking water, why it’s important and how they can make a difference. Since we’re an association of utilities, and we believe that the local water/wastewater utility plays an important role in helping the public understand the importance of water, we have included the requirement that each team MUST INCLUDE their local water and/or wastewater utility in their video. This creates a great opportunity for students to interact with utility personnel to better understand water conservation or issues facing utilities.

The winning video will be showcased on our website and shown at our Annual Technical Conference in March. Additionally videos may be placed on YouTube for public viewing. Other requirements include that each team must have a sponsoring teacher. Any teacher can serve as a sponsor, but this will primarily interest teachers in natural science, environmental science, media technology or communications. Two or more teachers may co-sponsor teams and there is a 10 video limit per school. Sponsoring teachers should coordinate and submit their top 10 videos. Submissions must be received by February 1, 2018.

2018 Video Contest Packet

2016 Winning Video

2017 Winning Video