Sunday , 26 May 2019

Wisconsin Rural Water Association has an opening for a Board Membership in District 1 in Northeastern Wisconsin.

We are looking for someone who supports Rural Water and would be able to help us direct Rural Water to a continuing fiscal and sustainable future. Board description follows:

Board members must be official delegates of active member communities. They must represent a member municipality in good standing serving fewer than 10,000 persons, or that served fewer than 10,000 persons when the municipality joined WRWA.

Candidates for District Director shall notify the Executive Director of the Association no later than one week prior to the opening of the annual meeting in order to have their name printed on the official ballot.

At the annual business meeting, the President shall announce the candidates who have filed for District director positions. Additional candidates for District Director positions may be nominated from the floor at the annual meeting.

Board members must be elected by a majority vote of the delegates within their districts attending the annual membership meeting.

Board members serve a 3-year term.

Board members begin their term on June 1st of the year they are elected.

Elected Board members must provide a letter signed by a system official authorizing them to represent their community on the WRWA Board before they begin their term on June 1st of the year in which the Director is elected.

Board members are required to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and assigned committee meetings. In the event that absences are necessary, the Executive Director shall be notified as soon as possible prior to the meeting.

There are generally four meetings of the full Board each year;

  • At the Annual Conference in March/April.
  • At the reorganizational meeting in June.
  • At the Outdoor Expo the end of August.
  • In late November or early December.

If you feel you can be a part of Wisconsin Rural Water’s Future, please contact me for more information and learn how to apply to be a part of the team that helps municipalities across the state.

Chris Groh
Executive Director
Wisconsin Rural Water Association

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