About WRWA

Mission Statement

Our mission is Assisting, Educating and Representing our Members in the Water & Wastewater Industries.

About WRWA

Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) provides training and technical assistance to water and wastewater systems throughout the state. The staff works directly with systems to solve the operational, regulatory, administrative and financial challenges they face. WRWA is a non-profit organization that is governed by a membership-elected Board of Directors. Field staff are professionals in the fields of water and wastewater system operations, maintenance, management and source water protection.

Goals For 2012-2013 And Beyond

The WRWA Board of Directors met in June of 2012 and held another in a series of strategic planning meetings. To accomplish their vision, the WRWA will concentrate on the following priorities over the next few years:

Technology Center

  • Marketing Plan
  • Staffing
  • Enrollment/Certification
  • Accreditation
  • ID outside (students)
  • Time-Immediate to 3 years
  • Who- Training Center Committee


  • Water Audits
  • Energy
  • Mississippi Basin Leaks Detection
  • Time- Within 2 years
  • Who- Training Committee Chair

Annual Conference

  • Continued Growth
  • Time- 1 to 5 years
  • Who- Conference Committee Chair

Membership Growth

  • Continued Growth
  • Time- 3 years
  • Who- Membership Committee Chair

New Programs

  • G.I.S.
  • Board Manual
  • Board/Mgt Training
  • Time- Within 12 Months
  • Who- Training Committee


  • State Legislative Rally
  • Lobbying
  • State/NRWA PACs
  • Time- Immediate
  • Who- Legislative

On-Site Assistance

  • Emergency Response/Wis Warn
  • Technical Experts
  • Water Audits/ Leak Detection
  • Time- Immediate
  • Who- Training Committee Chair


  • Website
  • Social Media- Facebook, etc.
  • Webinars
  • Time- Immediate to 12 months
  • Who- Membership Committee Chair

Outdoor Expo

  • Continued Growth
  • Time- 3 years
  • Expo Committee Chair

Certification Tracking

  • CEU Database
  • Photo IDs/Bar Codes