Water Industry Professionals (WIP)

As the Wisconsin Rural Water Association developed and grew over time, it became apparent that there was a need for a separate affiliated extension of the organization that would allow for individual membership, involvement and promotion of professional development for the water and wastewater industries.

Through the payment of annual dues and the money raised through sponsorship of events such as the Annual Golf Outing, the WIP members promote professional water and wastewater development by the donation of training materials, equipment and annual scholarships to Rural Water members and their families.  Through such efforts, WIP hopes to not only assist those currently working in the water and wastewater industries, but also to help protect Wisconsin’s natural resources by encouraging the involvement of dedicated and educated individuals in generations to come.

Follow the links below to apply for a scholarship or make a donation to the scholarship donation fund.

WRWA Scholarship Application 2023

Water Industry Professionals Application Form

2019-2020 Water Industry Professionals (WIP) Scholarship Winners

Maria Huber – $1,000
Michelle Homan – $1,000
John Carnahan – $500
Gavin Gurgel – $500

2020-2021 Water Industry Professionals (WIP) Scholarship Winners

Gavin Gurgel – $1,000
Zachary Harris – $1,000
Sophia Eckdale-Dudley – $500
Anja Busse – $500

2021-2022 Water Industry Professionals (WIP) Scholarship Winner

Brock Stange – $1,000