Member Services


1. Are you struggling with safety compliance requirements?
2. Are you unsure what is required and what is not?
3. Is the task of managing your programs too much?
4. Is the cost skyrocketing out of control?
5. The biggest question is, is there a better way?


  • We can relieve the Group Members of the burden of compliance.
  • Keep the Group Members on a schedule for the required training and updates.
  • Reduce the cost of safety compliance and implementation.


  • 3 – 10 Members geographically grouped together.
  • WRWA members and non-members.
  • Cities, Towns, Villages, Utilities & Commissions. All departments can be covered.


  • Expand WRWA’s commitment to promoting safety.
  • Ensure compliance with the State of Wisconsin, Department of Safety & Professional
  • Services, Comm 32 and Federal Requirements.
  • Train the Group Members to bring them into compliance with the latest safety requirements.
  • Provide the necessary documentation for compliance.
  • Assist the Group Members with implementation of their site-specific programs to establish and maintain a positive attitude towards a safe working environment.
  • Provide ongoing safety audits to maintain the site-specific programs.
  • Provide a group recordkeeping management system.
  • Assist the Group Members with compliance inspections.
  • Provide each Group Member with a cost effective Safety and Health Program that meets or exceeds the requirements.
  • Help the Group Members with lower insurance rates.

Leak Detectors (10)
Data Loggers (set of 15)
Line Tracers (8)
Metal Detectors (6)
Fire Flow Test Kits (4)
Pressure Gauge Kit (2)
Power Valve Wrench (4)
Thawing Machine – Hot Water (5)
1 Inch Flexible Curbstop Keys (2)
3/4 Inch Flexible Curbstop Keys (1)
Pressure Chart Recorders (3)
Dechlorination Units (2)
Pressure Relief Valves (5)
4 1/2″ Diffusers (3)
Truck Mount 4 1/2″ Diffusers (2)
Diffuser/(4 1/2″ fire flow)
Portable Generator 5,000 watt (1)
Hydrant Nozzle Wrench Steamer (1)
Hydrant Nozzle Wrench 2 1/2 (1)
Valve Removal Wrench (1)
Hydrant Seat Wrench – Mueller (1)
Hydrant Seat Wrench – Kennedy (1)
Pipe Freezer (Ridgid-Electric)
Water Level Probe (2)
SeeSnake Cameras (2)
Home Pressure Test Kits (3)
Conductivity, Ph, Temperature Meter, Probe (1)
Hach Tester
Chlorine Test Kits (5)
Hach-Chlorine Standards
Water Main Cleaner / Scrapper (1)
Laser Heat Detector (1)
Large Meter Test Saddle (1)
Trailered Valve Box Vacuum (1)
Sensus Meter “Hockey Puck” (1)
Microscopes (2)
Field D.O. Meters (3)
Portable Samplers (3)
pH meters (2)

Hach Meter with probe
Sludge Judges (5)
Manhole Seal (1)
Portable Flow Meter – Wastewater (1)
Blower & Hose (1)
Sewer Cameras (4)
pH Meters (2)
DR 100 Dehumidifier (1)
Flow/Meter tester (1)
4″ Trash Pumps (1)
Sewer main flow meter
6-Metal Detectors
4-Power Valve Wrench
2-1 Inch Flexible Curbstop Keys
3-Pressure Chart Recorders
5-Pressure Relief Valves
2-Truck Mount 4 1/2″ Diffusers
1-Portable Generator 5,000 watt
1-Hydrant Nozzle Wrench 2 1/2
3-Hydrant Seat Wrench
2-Water Level Probe
3-Home Pressure Test Kits
2-Liquid Chlorinators
2-4″ Trash Pumps
5-Chlorine Test Kits
1-Laser Heat Detector
3-Portable Samplers
5-Sludge Judges
1-Wastewater Portable Flow Meter
4-Sewer Camera
1-2″ 230V Submersible Pump w/wires
1-Flow/Meter Tester – WW